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*Bengals Exclusively* since 1998
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Ch. Dadaelis Hearts Desire
Photo at 6 mos by Helmi Flick
See our "Kittens" page for details on our kittens.

At Dadaelis, we strive for "cutting edge" Bengals featuring wild type, exotic heads,  intense colors with clear backgrounds, big, outlined pawprint rosettes with lots of acreage, whited tummies, tight satin "painted-on" pelts and copper glitter. These lap leopards/house leopards have the sweet temperament of domestic cats with the exotic look of their ALC ancestors.

Blending top World-Class bloodlines, we strive to produce only the best, smartest and healthiest cats.
Temperaments are also guaranteed as all our kittens are adored treasures from the day they are born.

* Striving for Perfection *

We are now accepting deposits on our 2018 kittens
Inquiries invited:
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RW DGC Dadaelis Cool Breeze of Dreamquest
Photo at 5 mos by Tetsu

Breezy was the Northwest's #1 Bengal Kitten at ALL of the shows she attended as a kitten,
and she was the #7 Bengal kitten in the world as of 4/20/10, according to the TICA estimated standings.
She is a Regional Winner with over 30 Kitten Finals.
Breezy finished not only her championship, but also her Grand Championship title in one weekend of showing as an adult.
She was the #1 Silver Bengal in the Northwest Region for the 2010/2011 show season.
Breezy returned to the show ring after Motherhood and excelled against much younger competition!

Congratulations to Breezy & Wayne!

Yukon lifting paw.jpg (154056 bytes)
RW SUPREME Grand Champion Dadaelis Yukon of Starglitter
Photo at 7 mos by Helmi Flick
Yukon is now a Regional Winner - ending up the #1 Seal Mink Spotted Tabby Bengal, the #3 Best Bengal of the Year,
and the #16 Best Shorthair Cat of the Year in the SC Region for the 2008-2009 TICA show season.
He was also the 2nd Best Seal Mink Tabby Bengal International.

He was the #1 Snow Kitten and finalled in All 3 rings at the 2008 "On Safari".
The next day he won Best Shorthair Kitten in Show!

Wow - so great, especially for a "Snow Bengal"...Congratulations to Yukon & Toni!

Palu by Tetsu 003.jpg (28159 bytes)  palu15.jpg (32944 bytes)
RW SUPREME Grand Champion Dadaelis Palu of Leopardfuzz
Photos at 6.5 months by Tetsu

Palu was a Regional Winner - TICA 2008/2009 show season, in only 3 shows!
She won another Best Cat in Show award on 7/13/08 at the Wisconsin-Illinois Cat Fanciers show

and gained her Supreme Title (very rare for a female cat!).
Palu now has several Best Cat in Show awards!
She was the #20 Best Shorthair Cat of the Year in the Great Lakes Region for the 2008-2009 TICA show season.

Wow - so great, especially for a "Snow Bengal"...Congratulations to Palu & Sarah!

There's nothing like them in the world!
Pc096371bf BG Raoul prowling for BF.jpg (41322 bytes)
Ch. Dadaelis Hearts Desire "Raoul"
#1 Bengal Kitten at On Safari 2006

Photographed by Helmi Flick at 6 months of age

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Some previous kittens
(also see the Photo Gallery page)
All 3 with 2 of goldies 4715.jpg (39459 bytes)
Mimi with Art Glass 3406.jpg (71316 bytes) Reaching 5 mos. 2198.jpg (33071 bytes)

Perfecting the Butterfly Pattern™

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Dadaelis Bengals is located near Seattle, Washington.

Inquiries about our Bengals are invited and will be answered promptly.

You can e-mail us here: Mailgraphic.gif (838 bytes)


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Dadaelis is a registered cattery with TICA (The International Cat Association),
and a member of the TICA Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program.

A $200.00 deposit is required to hold a pet kitten for you;
A $500.00 deposit is required to hold a show or breeder kitten for you.

ALL deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!

So be sure you are serious about getting a kitten from us before you commit to one!

To get in line for your selection please send in a deposit for your kitten.

E-mail us for instructions.

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