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Parisian artist Jean-Louis Grunheid has been an artist since a very young age and exhibited extensively as a youth. He studied art and literature, and received a degree in French language instruction in Nice and in Aix-en-Provence. He also took parallel studies in directing theatre and film. After graduation Jean-Louis made drawings for serigraph collections-sheets, cloth, curtains and theatre decor. Jean-Louis travels quite frequently to the Middle East and Northern Africa, and about 20 years ago he began making sketches in his travel notebooks of the scenes he encountered, drawing them out more fully when he would return to Paris. In the Eastern style, his scenes feature Arab horsemen, camels and native sighthounds in their natural surroundings.

These Limited Edition prints were produced by the Gallery  in 1998, under the artist's direction, with the artist's permission,
and are owned by the Gallery.

"Le Campement"

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"Guerriers Arabes"

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"Le Depart"
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"Touereg d' Illizi (Algerie)"

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"La Caravane"

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"Auxiliaires de Chasse" (The ones signed by the artist are SOLD OUT)

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"Sous La Tente"

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These prints, which are a limited edition of 750, can be ordered as follows:
1. Maroc
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
2. Le Campement
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
3. Guerriers Arabes
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
4. Le Depart
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
5. Touereg d'Illizi
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
6. La Caravane
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
7. Auxiliaires de Chasse
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")
$10.00 (unsigned)
8. Sous La Tente
9" x 12" (i.s. 7" x 10")


Prints can be paid for via PayPal to:




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